Anke Sevenich

has been successful in front of the camera and on countless stages for many years, but she also has a track record behind the camera as a screenwriter and director.


The actress was born in Frankfurt am Main in January 1959 and later studied acting at the State University of Music and Drama in Hanover. After graduating, she had an engagement at the Lower Saxony State Theater in Hanover, which she ended in 1987, however, to accept a role in the feature film “Ein Treffen mit Rimbaud.” Since then, she has worked as a freelance actress for film and television, gaining greater fame through her role as “Schnüsschen” in the feature film “Die zweite Heimat – Chronik einer Jugend”.


In addition to her work as an actress, Anke Sevenich has also been a visiting professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt since 2009, passing on her experience to acting students.

In 2016, together with author Stephan Falk, she was awarded the German Screenplay Prize / Golden Lola for the best unfilmed screenplay. The tragicomedy “Sayonara Rüdesheim” is to be filmed in the near future under the direction of Wolfgang Murnberger.


In the meantime, Sevenich worked as a screenwriter and director on her own first short film, which was completed in early 2021. “Klabautermann,” produced by Tonio Kellner of Neopol Film, had its world premiere at the 55th International Hof Film Festival in November of this year and received much praise and a lot of good reviews.


Anke Sevenich can also currently be seen in the cinema. In the feature film ” A Handful of Water ” by director Jakob Zapf, she slips into the role of police officer Dix. Although the rather unsympathetic figure is so far removed from her true character, she plays the role with full conviction and a lot of talent. Behind the camera, Sevenich is all the more likeable and always radiates a warm and open atmosphere as soon as she enters the room.