Isabel Berghout

is a German theater and film actress, known among other things from SOKO Wismar as police officer Anneke van der Meer.


Born in April 1987 in Gouda, Holland, the actress completed her acting training at Schauspielhaus Salzburg from 2008-12. Already during her studies she acted in several plays and later took courses in stage combat and film fighting in London. In the years that followed, she held positions at the Ernst Deutsch Theater in Hamburg, Theater Hof and Theater Bern Effingerstrasse, among others.


In 2011, Berghout first took on a role in a short film called “wohnen. Unter glas”, which was followed by more and more appearances in films and on television in the years to come.

Among them “Sprachlos” (2012), “Der Staatsanwalt” (2013) and “Nachtschwestern” (2018). However, Isabel Berghout probably played her best-known role from 2015-17 in SOKO Wismar.


Today, Isabel Berghout still works at various theaters in the Frankfurt area, as well as in film and television productions. The fact that she was already back in front of the camera for “A Handful of Water” shortly after the birth of her child in 2019 shows how much ambition and power are in the actress. She proves that career and private life can be reconciled and shines in front of the camera just as focused and natural as ever. Jakob Zapf’s feature film is currently being shown in German cinemas.