Milena Pribak

can be seen in her first leading role in A Handful of Water, which she brings to life with great talent and a lot of feeling. The fact that this is the first role for the girl born in 2009 is not a bit apparent to the young actress. She is talented in playing the role of the refugee girl Thurba and touches many spectator’s heart with her production.


When asked what her best memory of a moment behind the camera is, Milena says that everyone was always very nice to her and even played games like “Who am I?” with her in between, despite the great pressure of work.


Since she met Pegah Ferydoni during filming, “Türkisch für Anfänger” has been one of Milena’s absolute favorite series, along with the movie “Jumanji”. She loves to watch them snuggled up in her own bed.

But watching good movies and series isn’t the only thing the twelve-year-old likes to do in her free time: she loves horseback riding, ice skating and going to acting training.


So it’s no surprise that, given the choice, Milena would love to play a role that has something to do with horses, such as the main character Mika in the German feature film “Ostwind”. But Milena could also very well imagine playing in a youth series with other children and young people.


In any case, her first leading role in a feature film was a complete success.