Mohammad Abdullah

appeared in front of the camera for the first time in the feature film “A Handful of Water” by Jakob Zapf. He can be seen in the role of Qusey, who now lives in Germany after fleeing from Yemen.
He got the role more or less by chance, because first he worked on the translation of the script and as a language coach on the film, before he was offered to participate in the casting. When after a few months the acceptance came, Abdullah had no longer expected it and was even more pleased.


Although Abdullah had already gained acting experience in the theater, it was an exciting experience for him to stand in front of the camera for the first time. However, he was quickly able to put this behind him after director Jakob Zapf helped him and confirmed that he was doing a good job.


The familiar ambience on the set probably also contributed to Mohammad Abdullah quickly feeling at ease and remembering this time as a very pleasant experience. He was especially pleased that many young people worked together on the set and that he was able to make many new contacts. Among others, he got to know the actor and media producer Osama Khaled, with whom he is good friends until now and has planned to work together on projects in the future.

And already with Abdullah’s next project this cooperation could come about. He is currently working on the development of a documentary short film entitled “Auf Augenhöhe”. In it, he deals with the topic of discrimination, for which he talks to many people who share their experiences with him. Already last year he released another short film titled “Fremd”.


Apart from that, Mohammad Abdullah is currently doing an apprenticeship in “design media technology” and is catching up on his Fachabitur, since the one he already completed in Yemen was not recognized in Germany. On the side, he is currently part of the development of a play and can be found at the acting agency “Talents and Charakters”.


Since Abdullah got into the film industry through Jakob Zapf and “A Handful of Water”, he has realized that he would like to work in this field in the future. After graduating in the spring, he could possibly follow up with an apprenticeship as a media designer in picture and sound.
For Mohammad Abdullah, following the development of a film from the script and shooting to the finished film and then seeing it on the big screen was definitely a great experience from which he is taking a lot with him for his life.