Osama Khaled

is a young film maker, content creator and video editor. He was born in October 1993 in Sana’a, Yemen and lived there until he moved to Berlin a few years ago. Khaled has always been interested in art and dreamed of making his own films from an early age.


He shot his first short film “A Workers Life”, a documentary, in 2009 when he was just 17 years old. He studied “Radio and Television” at the University of Sana’a and founded a small production company called “Background” in 2014. With this company, he worked for a while for local and international NGOs and TV channels, producing both short documentaries and commercials.


During the civil war in Yemen, Khaled worked for the production company “Afrol Productions – Yemen” on various projects dealing with the suffering of the people and their hardships. These include “Weddings into Funerals,” “We Want To Live!” and “Waiting For Justice.”

In 2017, Khaled became the co-founder of “Comra- Films”, a Yemen-based film community platform for film production and training. He then worked on his sci-fi fiction/ drama short film “The Helmet”, which among numerous screenings, was awarded Best Short Film at the “Karma Human Rights Film Festival” in 2019. Khaled’s next documentary short film “Not acting anymore” is already in production.


Currently, Osama Khaled can be seen on German cinema screens, as he plays the role of Ahmad, who had to flee from Yemen to Germany, in the 2021 feature film “A Handful of Water” by director Jakob Zapf. In addition, he acted as a language teacher for Pegah Ferydoni and Milena Pribak and thus made an important contribution to the success of the film.