Pegah Ferydoni

is a talented actress known throughout Germany, who has already appeared in countless films and series. But the 38-year-old not only wins the hearts of her fans with her skills – her appearance in public and on social media is always self-deprecating and humorous. This is how Pegah Ferydoni secures people’s sympathy, with her self-confident appearance and lots of wit without always taking herself too seriously. Nevertheless, the actress is not afraid to draw attention to political issues and address current problems on her Instagram account.


The projects in which Ferydoni has participated over the past few years also seem to reflect the impression one has of her as a person: Either they are funny or convey an important message – sometimes both.


The recently released film “A Handful of Water” by director Jakob Zapf, in which Ferydoni plays the fugitive mother of three children from Yemen, Amal Al-Sherbini, also draws attention to an important and current topic. Although the small family is merely passing through Germany, they are threatened with deportation, which the eldest daughter Thurba tries to prevent by running away from home.

In fact, there is also a reference to Pegah Ferydoni’s real past in this story. She was born on June 25, 1983 in Tehran, Iran. When she was two years old, her parents fled with her to Germany to escape the political situation in her home country. She grew up in Berlin and landed her first role in a feature film (“Folge der Feder!”) in 2000, although she had never completed any acting training.


Nevertheless, things continued to go well for Ferydoni until she achieved nationwide fame in 2006 with her role as Yağmur Öztürk in the ARD television series “Türkisch für Anfänger”. This is about a Turkish-German patchwork family, whose example is used to humorously play with the typical clichés of the two nationalities. Together with the rest of the cast, Ferydoni won the German Television Award for Best Series/Best Actor Series for this series.
In the following years, she starred in many other film and television productions. Among them “Women without Men” (2009), “300 Worte Deutsch” (2013) with Christoph Maria Herbst and “Die defekte Katze” (2018).


Currently Pegah Ferydoni can be seen again in German cinemas with the feature film “A Handful of Water”.