Rainer Ewerrien

is a successful German actor and screenwriter who gained fame especially for his comedy series “Götter wie wir”.


The filmmaker was born in Bad Homburg in May 1960 and grew up in Frankfurt am Main, where he also lives today. From 1983 to 1986 he trained in acting and pantomime at the Theaterwerkstatt Fe Reichelt in Frankfurt. From 1994 and in the following years, Ewerrien worked mainly as an actor, writer and presenter in Berlin.


In 1999 he made the short film “Wolfsmänner” and was part of several theater productions in Frankfurt and Neu-Isenburg. At the same time, his appearances in film and television also increased and he was seen several times in “Tatort” or “Polizeiruf 110”. Ewerrien was also involved in the development of the script for the 2006/07 doctor’s comedy “Der Aufschneider”, in which he himself took on the role of the hospital senior physician. In the following years, roles followed, including in “”Für meine Kinder tu’ ich alles” (2008), “König Drosselbart” (2008) and “Die Gänsemagd” (2009).

Ewerrien brought a great success to the comedy series “Götter wie wir” (2012), in which he not only took one of the two main roles (Inge Gott), but also co-wrote the script. The series was awarded the German Television Award in the category “Best Comedy” in 2013, as well as the Hessian Television Award.


In the following years, Reiner Ewerrien was co-writer of “Systemfehler – Wenn Inge tanzt” (2013) and “Männerhort” (2014), among others.


Currently, the actor and author can be seen in the migration drama “A Handful of Water” by Jakob Zapf in German cinemas, about which he himself had only positive words. In it, he plays Mr. Probst from the office, who, in complete contrast to his most famous role, is completely serious and matter-of-fact. Rainer Ewerrien once again proves that he can convincingly play both – funny and serious – and gives the audience an insight into the range of his acting abilities.